Ampeg B1r Bass Head

Ampeg B1r Bass Head

Ampeg B5r 500w/2ch Bass Head

Ampeg B5r 500w/2ch Bass Head

Ampeg B1r Bass Head

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In the world of high-performarice bass amps, Ampeg amplifiers stand alone. In true Ampeg tradition, your new B-1 / B-1R offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class. Below are some of the outstanding features of your new amplifier: features which set it - and you - apart from the competition!


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Output Power Rating 150 Watts RMS
Bass 17 dB 40Hz
  18 dB 80Hz
Midrange 15 dB 200-600 Hz
Treble 17 dB 5kHz
  22 dB 10kHz
Ultra Low +6 dB 50 Hz
Ultra High +8 dB 10kHz
Solo Voice from -9dB 500Hz to +7dB 2kHz
Solo Boost 10 dB
Gain 45 dB
Signal to noise ratio 78 dB Typical
Tube Complement 12AX7 (3)
Domestic 5A, 100/120VAC, 60Hz
Export 2 1/2A, 220/240VAC, 50Hz
Size and weight  19"Wx1 3/4"Hx12 3/3"D
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