Fighting Dementia with Music | A How To Guide
Setting Up a Home Music Studio: The Must-Have Equipment and Tips for Success!
Investing in Yourself: The Benefits of High-Quality Instruments for Lifelong Learning
Why is a violin, Viola or Cello setup so important?
Classical Music: More Like a War Zone than a Study Zone
3 Premium Guitar Accessories to Elevate Your Sound

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Music Education & Supplies  

Cecere’s has been providing Music equipment to schools around Australia for 50+ years. Our top-notch knowledge of all instruments (not just popular instruments) has made us the go-to store for music education. Need a dulcimer or a lute? We’re your team!

Tell us what you need and we’ll do the work

Contact us, let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. We’ll find the best equipment for you at the right price and send you the quote, so all you have to do is say “yes!”