Eminence THEGOVERNOR-16 12in Speaker 75w 16 Ohm

Eminence THEGOVERNOR-16 12in Speaker 75w 16 Ohm

Eminence DOUBLE-T 12 12 Inch 8 Ohms Guitar Speaker

Eminence DOUBLE-T 12 12 Inch 8 Ohms Guitar Speaker

Eminence RETRO GT30-16 12in Guitar Speaker 50w 16 Ohm

Eminence RETRO GT30-16 12in Guitar Speaker 50w 16 Ohm

Eminence THEGOVERNOR-16 12in Speaker 75w 16 Ohm


The Eminence Governor guitar speaker is the natural upgrade for the classic American amp. A versatile guitar speaker, great for southern rock or blues. Nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle. British cousin to Red White and Blues.


In-Store: Yes

Online: Yes

Application 12" Open or Closed Back
Configuration 1, 2, or 4 X 12"
Low End Response Moderate
Low End Shape Tight
Mid-Range Response Aggressive
Mid-Range Shape Warm
High-End Response Moderate
Volume/Power Loudest
Overall Coloration* Classic British tone.  Thick and raunchy with lots of mids
Break-up Modes Fast
Power Range Up to 75 watts
Instrument* Lead/Rhythm  Guitar
Genre of Music* Classic British Rock tone of the  60's and 70's


Nominal Basket Diameter 12", 305 mm
Nominal Impedance* 16 Ω
Program Power N/A
Watts 75 W
Resonance 103 Hz
Usable Frequency Range 80 Hz - 5 kHz
Sensitivity* 102.2 dB
Magnet Weight 56 oz.
Gap Height 0.312", 7.9 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 1.75", 44 mm


Resonant Frequency (fs) 103 Hz
Coil Inductance (Le) 0.7m H
Mechanical Q (Qms) 12.51
Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.66
Total Q (Qts) 0.63
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) 32.8 liters / 1.16 cu.ft.
Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd) 64.4 cc
Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) 0.09 mm/N
BL Product (BL) 19.5 T-M
Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (MMs) 28 grams
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 157
Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) 1.24 mm
Surface Area of Cone (Sd) 519.5 cm2
Maximum Mechanical Limit (Xlim) N/A


Sealed Acceptable
Vented Acceptable
Driver Volume Displaced 0.079 cu.ft. / 2.25 liters
Overall Diameter 12.03", 305.6 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter 11.07", 281.2 mm
Front Sealing Gasket Yes
Rear Sealing Gasket Yes
Mounting Holes Diameter 0.25", 6.4mm
Mounting Holes B.C.D. 11.59", 294.4mm
Depth 5.2", 132.1 mm
Net Weight 10.8 lbs, 4.9 kg
Shipping Weight 12.6 lbs, 5.72 kgs


Coil Construction Copper voice coil
Coil Former Nomex former
Magnet Composition Ferrite magnet
Core Details Non-vented core
Basket Materials Pressed steel basket
Cone Composition Paper cone
Cone Edge Composition Paper cone edge
Dust Cap Composition Zurette dust cap

Eminence Speaker Footnotes

From dialing a sound in, to rocking it out, Eminence professional audio and musical instrument loudspeakers have been the leading choice in audio applications worldwide since 1966. Eminence is dedicated to providing the best quality, value and service to meet your needs. Nowhere is that mission more evident than in their wide product selection, industry leading seven-year warranty, and unrivaled customer support. Designed and assembled by hand in the USA, Eminence is the most trusted name in the industry. Find out why the world’s premier brands and countless audio enthusiasts and musicians rely on Eminence.

Emininece Speaker Tech Notes

Multiple units exceed published ratings evaluated under EIA 426A specification while tested in a free-air, non-temperature-controlled environment. Multiple compression drivers exceeded published ratings evaluated under EIA-426A or AES specification while mounted on Eminence’s H290, H290S, or H2EA horn in a non-temperature-controlled environment.

Eminence Speaker frequency response curves are an average of multiple units measured while applying 1W/1m into the speakers’ nominal impedance (e.g. 2.83V/8Ω, 4V/16Ω, etc.).  All speakers are measured in a temperature controlled environment using monthly calibrated LMS software with supplied 0.25" microphone mounted on axis 1m distance from baffle.  2 ft. x 2 ft. baffle is flush with anechoic wall and speaker is rear mounted against a thin steel ring for minimum diffraction.  Measurements performed using monthly calibrated Yamaha P3500S amplifier and a 2700 cubic foot anechoic chamber with custom made fiberglass surface treatments.  Measurements below 200Hz are tail corrected to compensate for chamber volume.  Compression drivers measured using a 2ft x 2ft baffle flush with anechoic wall and horn front mounted.

Please note

BETA 8CX, 10CX and 12CX are coaxial speakers with tweeter sold separately. The data for these coaxial woofers was calculated with the ASD:1001 driver screwed into the woofer, but not active.

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