FGN Neo Classic Black Electric Bass with Gig Bag

FGN Neo Classic Black Electric Bass with Gig Bag

FGN NCTL-10M/ASH/SH-WB Neo Classic White Blonde Electric Guitar Including Gig Bag

FGN NCTL-10M/ASH/SH-WB Neo Classic White Blonde Electric Guitar Including Gig Bag

FGN Neo Classic Including Gig Bag Electric Guitar

FGN Neo Classic Electric Guitar Including Gig Bag

FGN Neo Classic Black Electric Bass with Gig Bag


The Neo Classic series is a homage to traditional instruments, yet it is another creation in itself. With a traditional feel, it is a workhorse for gigging, touring, and studio musicians. The solid and precise build quality guarantees optimal tone and a great playing experience. A guitar that is both a familiar friend and worthy adversary.


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BODY Light Weight Ash
NECK Maple 1 Piece U-Shape
SCALE 432mm ( 864mm )
FRETS 20F C.F.S(Circle Fretting System)
CONTROLS 2-volume , 1-tone
COLOR Black (Polyester Finish)

The Greatest Guitar Manufacturing Company In Japan

Half a century of passion for wooden instruments

Established in 1960, FUJIGEN has been manufacturing guitars and basses for many world-famous labels for half a century. As the original manufacturer, we sign responsible for the high quality (and probably for the success) of many of the world's most respected brands.
Today, FUJIGEN is expanding into a global market with the aim of establishing the name FUJIGEN as its original brand. FUJIGEN claims its leadership in the world of electric guitars due to its know-how in wood treatment.

Overseas and global Markets / Becoming No.1

At FUJIGEN we started with classical guitars manufacturing. Still, we soon shifted to electric guitars to meet a quickly growing demand by overseas business partners, especially in the USA, where electric guitars were becoming very popular. Classical guitars remained our main product in the domestic Japanese market.
In the early '80s, many famous brands had their production outsourced to so-called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures).
FUJIGEN was a top OEM with great experience and production capacity. Our monthly output raised up to 14000 electric guitars. This was world leadership. In 1983, we reached our goal.

Establishing FUJIGEN's original Brand (FGN Guitars)

As an OEM for top brands, we intend to tighten our position in terms of quality over quantity as a reliable partner. In order to attain certain independence and to realize our own design ideas, we have launched our brand FGN for overseas markets. We recently started establishing a worldwide distribution network for FGN-branded products.
Our custom houses in Tokyo are the main sales point for FUJIGEN / FGN branded guitars and basses. The expert staff receives special orders for individually modified instruments and provides repair services. We care for quality customer service with thoroughness in dating and craftmanship. We are proud to do everything possible to satisfy our customers.
With all this, FGN is striving to use all of its assets as effectively as possible to make progress towards a top brand guitar maker with a big name: FGN Guitars

FGN Gig Bag

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