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The Importance of Proper Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass Setup

Violin setup refers to the final adjustments made to the violin before it is ready to play. These adjustments are extremely important as badly setup violins are very difficult to play and tune, while properly setup violins will bring out the instrument's beautiful tone and be easier to maintain; this includes low price Violin, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses. Additionally, it can be very frustrating to attempt to tune a poorly setup instrument. 

Pegs must be rimmed out to fit properly and turn easily. The pegs also need to be lubricated for ease of tuning.

The Bridge in most cases needs to be replaced as most low price instruments have bad quality bridges that do not transmit sound to the body of the instrument.

The sound post must be adjusted.

The new bridge must be cut and shaped correctly.

More importantly, are the STRINGS. Strings are always over looked because of the additional price to change the factory strings to the better quality strings that start at about $50.00 upwards.

We set up the instruments to the correct specification but if your teacher would like a lower string adjustment, we would be happy to do so at no additional cost.