Zildjian  Cymbal Bag  24

Zildjian Cymbal Bag 24" Premium Backpack

Zildjian  Cymbal Bag  24

Zildjian Cymbal Bag 24" Deluxe

Zildjian  Cymbal Boom Arm With Clamp

Zildjian Cymbal Boom Arm With Clamp

Zildjian Cymbal Bag 24" Premium Backpack


The Zildjian 24" Premium Backpack Cymbal Bag delivers superior cymbal protection with graduated cymbal dividers and a rubber cymbal protection system built into the inside and outer bottom of the bag. The 16" expandable HiHat pocket provides increased cymbal capacity, perfect for storing multiple HiHats, effects and stacks, plus a padded middle accessory pocket/divider and clutch holder lets you bring spare parts for the show. Adding even more storage, the rear accessories pockets make sure you have everything you need on the road. The four graduated cymbal dividers keep your cymbals safe while not getting in the way during setup and teardown. With military-grade hideaway backpack and shoulder straps and heavily padded handles, you can carry your cymbals your way. This bag is road-ready and designed to last.


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  • Provides superior cymbal protection, tons of storage and comfortable carry straps
  • Dimensions: 24.5"W x 5.2"D x 24.5"H
  • Polyester with nylon lining
  • Black canvas bag with gold embroidered Zildjian logo on front
  • Includes padded backpack and shoulder straps


For 400 years, Zildjian has singularly focused on your limitless musical expression, by creating instruments with infinite sound capabilities.  It's been our commitment to creating the sounds that excite your imagination, and the tools that unleash your playing potential, that has kept us at the forefront of music across continents, across genres, and across centuries.  From Avedis Zildjian's first strike of the anvil at the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire's palace to the 15th generation of Zildjian Family members today, our pursuit to create the best and most relevant instruments and tools continues.  From our factory floors to our global Artist family, wherever you are on your musical journey, we hope to inspire you and help you take your sound to the next level...and beyond. 


When it comes to making cymbals, we are referred to as the “Gold Standard”. This is ironic because, in 1618, alchemist Avedis Zildjian was trying to make gold. Instead, he accidentally formulated what's arguably the best cymbal material on the planet. Today at Zildjian, we still use that same secret alloy in every cast cymbal we craft. Avedis’ spirit of experimentation and discovery lives on in our factory; it continually drives us each day to create the highest quality instruments we can, so you can continually create, experiment, and discover your own sound.


In 1623, the Sultan granted Avedis the family name "Zildjian," which literally means "cymbal smith". After leaving the palace and starting his own foundry, he spent years perfecting his cymbal-making techniques. His process of combining copper, tin, and silver is still a closely guarded family secret, and the casting it produces possesses an extraordinary musical quality and tone. Our skilled craftsmen combine old-world cymbal-making artistry with modern technology, and a dash of cutting-edge innovation to transform Avedis’ alloy into boundless varieties of superior-sounding cymbals for every genre of music.

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